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  • DGT-2 2second Theodolite
    The DGT2 features 2" angular accuracy with a vertical tilt sensor that compensates telesocpe transiting to allow for instrument set up acuracy.
    When Projecting a line or plumbing columns or walls, the DGT2 will state to user the actual variance in true plumb and allow user to accurately and quickly turn the instrument back to a plumb position.

    The DGT2 features dual digital displays and a simple 6-key user interface that makes using the instrument very simple and easy.
    The DGT2 inclused an optical plummet that allows the user to align instrument directly over a reference point without having to use the old plumbob method.
    The telescope is 30X and the minimum focus is 53".
    The DGT2 also features a 1:100 stadia ratio that allows operators to quickly estimate distances in the field.
    Working range is approximately 450' in radius.

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  • DGT-10 5second Theodolite
    • Five-inch digital transit with vertical tilt sensor for measuring vertical and horizontal angles
    • Displays actual variance in true plumb
    • 30-speed telescope with 450-foot diameter range for larger worksites (53-inch minimum focus)
    • Includes an optical plummet that allows user to align instrument directly over a reference point without using a plumb bob
    • Five-second horizontal and vertical readout
    • Large dual-sided LCD for clear readouts with six-key user interface for simple operation
    • Vertical angle measuring provides three different options plus percentage of grade
    • State-of-the-art glass encoder
    • Auto power-off option
    • Zero resetting
    • Water resistant, sealed construction
    • Removable tribrach for multiple set-ups
    • Built-in battery pack can be attached and detached by a single action
    • Limited 1-year warranty

    Market price:900.00 USD
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    Save:300 USD    
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