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    Measuring and continuous measurement button.
    Button to switch between: indirect measurement and the wall-area function:
    Enables user to measure the surfaces of any number of walls that have the same height
    easily and by pressing as few buttons as necessary.
    Button to switch between: minimum and maximum function - measures the shortest or
    largest distance between 2 points.
    Button to switch between: length, area, and volume measurement.
    Memory addition + subtraction.
    Equal button and Memory recall.
    Permanent laser pointer button.
    Cancel and On- / off- button.
    Button to choose reference: front end, tripod thread, back end and measuring pin.
    Spirit level as aiming aid when holding it in your hand or against a rough surface.
    Market price:210.00 USD
    Your price :145.00 USD
    Save:65 USD    
    - Functional: all basic measuring functions available
    - Easy to use: one function per button
    - Accuracy of ± 1.5mm: for precise and reliable results
    - Handy & robust (IP 54): a tool for craftsmen
    Market price:200.00 USD
    Your price :120.00 USD
    Save:80 USD    
  • SP50G Rotary Laser Level
    *Equipped with high quality and accurate 3 axis electronic sensors.
    *Extremely quick automatic self-leveling for horizontal and vertical working.
    *Auto mode/Manual mode for option, Simple slope function can be set up under Manual mode.
    *When vertical working, the laser line can be moved forward and backward.
    *With rotating,spot and scan function for option and speed selection.
    *With checking and calibration function for user’s convenience.
    *High accuracy/Low accuracy can be switched for different usage.
    *With 90º plumb laser beam.
    *Fitted with remote control to control most functions of the laser.
    Market price:800.00 USD
    Your price :680.00 USD
    Save:120 USD    
  • SP100 Rotary Laser Level
    *Auto-leveling on V/H directions with a plumb which forms up dot and down dot.
    *While the unit is rotating, spot rotation can be shifted freely to scanning, the speed of laser
    rotation can also be adjusted.
    *Manual/Auto can be shifted to each other freely, under the manual operation; it can make the
    easy slope setting.
    *Compact size and easy for grasping, convenient operation and understandability.
    *Adopt high strength engineering material plus TPE elastomer as better shockproof.
    Market price:500.00 USD
    Your price :420.00 USD
    Save:80 USD    
  • DP202 Dot/Plumb Laser Level
    high accuracy
    easy handling
    Market price:260.00 USD
    Your price :150.00 USD
    Save:110 USD    
  • DP102 Dot/Plumb Laser Level
    *Emit 5 dots
    *Self-leveling gravity pendulum
    *Laser twink and buzz alarm when out of leveling range
    *Menu indicator will twinkle when power insufficient
    *Multi-usage base: move forward or backward, and close to wall.
    *Can attach to wall.
    *Attach to the metal surface.
    *Fix on pole.
    *Fix on tripod.
    Market price:200.00 USD
    Your price :130.00 USD
    Save:70 USD    
    *Equipped with high quality and accurate 2 axis electronic sensors.
    *Extremely quick automatic self-leveling for horizontal and vertical working.
    *Auto mode/Manual mode for option.
    *4Vertical/4Horizontal/1Dot or 4Vertical/2Horizontal/1Dot.
    Market price:310.00 USD
    Your price :260.00 USD
    Save:50 USD    
    *Equipped with magnetic damping damping system for quick self-leveling.
    *If the unit exceed the self-leveling range, the laser line will be shut off with warning signal.
    *The unit will emit one horizontal, 4 vertical line with plumb dot, the 4 vertical line will be acrossed
    on the Celling at 90°.
    *With horizontal rotating mechanism and fine adjustment knob for convenient working.
    *With indoors/outdoors switch function, laser detector can be used for outdoors operation
    *Remote control can be optioned to control most function on the unit.
    *Standard outfit LP804 main unit, laser glasses, magnetic target, Batteries,Plastic case.
    *Optional accessories: LVH800 laser detector with clamp, RL800 Remote control.
    Market price:240.00 USD
    Your price :150.00 USD
    Save:90 USD    
    *Magnetic damping compensator to ensure more quick self-leveling time.
    *Horizontal/vertical laser line.
    *Automatic shut off laser line if out of self-leveling range.
    *Built-in locking system to lock the compensator when in transportation to avoid vibration.
    Market price:210.00 USD
    Your price :100.00 USD
    Save:110 USD    
    Universal Visual Laser with Dual Grade.
    *Equipped with high quality and accurate 3axis electronic vial sensors.
    *Automatically self-leveling in both horizontal & vertical.
    *Single or dual slope grade control.
    *The SP70 is ideal for machine control and other dual grade applications,and has scanning
    and constant squaring for outside or jobs.
    *Automatically self-leveling in both horizontal and vertical by step motor control;accurately
    Wide leveling range of +/-10% for fast setup.
    *Choice of automatic or manual mode.
    *H.I.Alert(Tilt funtion) shuts off the laser if disturbed,preventing inaccurate reading if H.I.changes.
    *High accuracy/Low accuracy can be switched by MRS of different usage.
    *With checking and calibration function for user’s convenience
    *Keypad control conveniently detaches from the laser and can be used as a remote control.SP70
    can be calibrated using the remote control.
    *Othe features include constant squating for 90°angle,scanning mode,and spotting plumb
    beam.Single or dual grade-LCD displays slope setting from-10%to+10%in X,Y,and Z.
    Market price:900.00 USD
    Your price :650.00 USD
    Save:250 USD    
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